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· The Dishonored Check Notice Rule - Year 2021 Update (.PDF)

· The Hidden Costs of Lawyer Regulation (.PDF)

· Appendix of CLE Materials for New York Lawyers (.PDF)

· Know Your Escrow Rights

· Know Your Escrow Rights - The Lawyers’ Edition

· A Practical Guide to Attorney Trust Accounts and Recordkeeping (April 2021)

· What’s a Power of Attorney: Answers for New Yorkers - June 2021

· Short Form Durable Power of Attorney

· Statement of Clients’ Rights  (From the Unified Court System)

· Statement of Clients’ Responsibilities

(From the Unified Court System)

· Dishonored Check Notice Rule (22 NYCRR Part 1300).

· Model Down Payment Escrow Agreement

· Standards for Evaluating Lawyers’ Funds for Client Protection (From the National Client Protection Organization).


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Please note that recent legislation has made changes to the Statutory Short Form Durable Power of Attorney. These changes became effective on September 12, 2010. The New York State Bar Association has posted updated forms here.