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· May 2002: Lawyers Fund Reimburses Victims of a Few Bad Apples

· April 2002: Lawyers Fund Issues 2001 Annual Report

· January 2002: Court of Appeals Appoints Two Trustees to Lawyers’ Fund

· December 2001: Local Civic Leader Appointed to Lawyers’ Fund

· May 1999: Facts About the Lawyers’ Fund

· April 1999: NY Lawyers’ Fund Doubles Coverage to $200,000

· January 1999: NY Lawyers’ Fund Trustees Reappointed

· October 1998: NY Lawyers’ Fund Reimburses Scholarship Fund

· April 1998: Reimbursement Awards in 1997

· October 1997: Awards Made to Clients of  Andrew Robert Holman, III

· June 1997: Meeting of the State Association of Disciplinary Attorneys

· January 1997: Attorney Trust Account Video

· January 1997: Power of Attorney Brochure

Press Releases

· April 2009: Lawyers Fund Issues 2008 Annual Report

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· November 2008 :NYC Human Rights Commissioner Appointed to Lawyers' Fund

· November 2012: Court of Appeals Selects Three Trustees for Lawyers’ Fund

· November 2012: Lawyers’ Fund Reimburses Clients’ Losses

· April 2012: Lawyers’ Fund Issues 2012 Annual Report

· August 2013: Lawyers Make Good

· February 2013: Lawyers Reimburse Losses Due to Dishonesty of a Few

· September 2013: Good Deeds by Good Lawyers

· December 2013: Former Court of Appeals Clerk and Civic Leader Appointed as Trustees to Lawyers’ Fund

· April 2014: Lawyers' Fund Issues 2013 Annual Report

· November 2014: Additional $2.3 Million Reimbursed by Lawyers' Fund

· January 2014: Lawyers' Fund Increases Maximum Award

· January 2014: Court of Appeals Reappoints Two Trustees to Lawyers' Fund

  • June 2015: Lawyers Helping Victims

  • February 2017: Court of Appeals Selects Three Trustees and Chairman Elected for Lawyers' Fund

  • December 2016:  Lawyers' Fund Reimbursing Settlement Thefts

• New York Lawyers’ Fund Chairman Receives National Honor for Excellence in Law Client Protection (June 2017)

  • Lawyers’ Fund Issues 2016 Annual Report

Awards to Law Client Victims Now Total $209 Million (Feb. 2018)

Lawyers’ Fund Issues 35th Annual Report (Apr. 2018)

Lawyers’ Fund Announces New Executive Director (June 2018)

Lawyers’ Fund Issues 2018 Annual Report (April 2019)

Lawyers’ Fund Issues 2019 Annual Report (April 2020)

Lawyers’ Fund Issues 2020 Annual Report (April 2021)

What’s a Power of Attorney: Answers for New Yorkers - 2021 Update

• New York Lawyers’ Fund Director Receives National Honor for Excellence in Law Client Protection (September 2022)